A complete range for spas, medicinal springs and thalassotherapy / balneotherapy centres

Our footwear products – essential around pools and throughout your establishment’s wet zones – guarantee your customers comfort and impeccable hygiene. Discover our disposable flip-flops and  disposable mules, mules and clogs.

Our plain swimwear, which suits all shapes and sizes, is an ideal, practical and accessible range. We offer a collection of  swimsuits  and swimming caps for men, women and children.

Men’s and women’s disposable products are comfortable and suitable for all your customers’ health, beauty and wellbeing treatments. Our disposable flip-flops, disposable mules, disposable strings ,  disposable tanga briefs, disposable trunks, mob caps and disposable overshoes are essential items in any spa, thalassotherapy or balneotherapy centre or hotel.

Vital gives much thought to your customers’ experience and can advise you about bags  and care notes pouches that make it easier for them to move around your wellbeing centre. You get the benefit of our highly practical products which can be customized on request, as well as a service tailored to your requirements.